All Groups - Young Partners in Development 2014-04-13T14:04:24Z /groups/group/feed?xn_auth=no Child Protection in Development (CPiD),2011-10-27:2928733:Group:30009 2011-10-27T02:29:57.214Z Nancy Taylor /profile/NancyTaylor 8 members 8 members<br> <p>Welcome to the Child Protection in Development Group!  </p> <p> </p> <p>We convened at the Ocean Point Hotel in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia from October 23 - 26 to bring IICRD's partners together to discuss the development of an applied learning program at Royal Roads University.</p> <p> </p> <p>Coming soon... notes on the meeting, photos from the event, including our evening reception at Royal Roads University, and the opportunity for you to provide your comments in the  discussion forum below. </p> 2012-08-22T18:41:23Z Child Rights Education for Professionals,2009-11-03:2928733:Group:6818 2009-11-03T06:47:43.000Z Adem Arkadas-Thibert /profile/AdemArkadasThibert 13 members 13 members<br> 2009-12-21T21:59:51Z International Standards Council,2011-03-11:2928733:Group:14524 2011-03-11T23:08:25.519Z Elaina Mack /profile/ElainaMack 3 members 3 members<br> The International Standards Council is a think tank to promote accountability for children's rights ad international, regional and national levels. 2012-08-09T18:54:17Z Children without Parental Care,2010-09-24:2928733:Group:10936 2010-09-24T04:50:22.000Z Jagannath Pati /profile/JagannathPati 4 members 4 members<br> I am working for the rehabilitation of orphan,abandoned and surrendered children in India. It will be my pleasure to share and learn best practices across different parts of the country. 2012-08-09T19:04:07Z YouthScape,2009-04-14:2928733:Group:1362 2009-04-14T21:26:07.000Z Elaina Mack /profile/ElainaMack 28 members 28 members<br> YouthScape is about creating a movement to “change the community landscape” of Canada through engaging young people. Join YouthScape’s five communities and national partners to build this movement… 2012-09-19T02:31:11Z CRIP Movie Club,2009-04-09:2928733:Group:1263 2009-04-09T18:38:52.000Z Jennifer Tang /profile/JenniferTang 12 members 12 members<br> A group where we can suggest, review, and discuss films dealing with issues of children's rights. 2011-12-14T18:45:35Z Affordable Volunteer Program in Uganda,2014-04-11:2928733:Group:47177 2014-04-11T15:24:01.285Z Jim Nadiope /profile/JimNadiope 1 member 1 member<br> <p><a target="_self" href=""><img class="align-full" src="" width="720" /></a></p> 2014-04-11T15:44:22Z Youth, Governance, Peace building, and the Role of Social Media,2012-06-27:2928733:Group:36670 2012-06-27T22:19:55.840Z Jon Ramer /profile/JonRamer 18 members 18 members<br> <p>This is the group being set up to stay connected after the 6/26 and 6/27 gathering at University of Victoria and hosted by Centre for Global Studies and IICRD. </p> 2012-08-15T16:57:27Z Young Partners in Development,2012-04-23:2928733:Group:35145 2012-04-23T22:58:18.547Z Jon Ramer /profile/JonRamer 11 members 11 members<br> <p>On April 19 and 20, 2012 a number of us gathered at Royal Roads University in Victoria.  This group has been created to support the follow up activities and events coming from that gathering.</p> 2013-04-06T17:47:22Z Colombia: Protecting Early Childhood from Violence,2011-05-19:2928733:Group:18286 2011-05-19T21:13:04.075Z Elaina Mack /profile/ElainaMack 11 members 11 members<br> The <b>Colombia Protecting Early Childhood from Violence</b> (CPECV) is a partnership with local governments, universities, NGOs, daycares, schools, and parents to protect children (0-8) from the devastating impact of violence in Colombia. 2013-02-04T22:00:18Z Strengthening Child Protection Systems,2011-02-04:2928733:Group:12707 2011-02-04T23:40:18.244Z Elaina Mack /profile/ElainaMack 3 members 3 members<br> <p>The IICRD, CPC Learning Network, and UNICEF Global are working together to develop capacity among key child protection practitioners and to strengthen child protection systems in select countries in the global south. Photo:Lydsay Stark</p> 2011-02-22T17:32:00Z “Violencia ø” COLOMBIA,2010-09-25:2928733:Group:10945 2010-09-25T20:56:03.000Z Giovanny Castañeda Rojas /profile/GiovannyCastanedaRojas 7 members 7 members<br> Un grupo  de niños, niñas y adolescentes que trabajan por  construir una generación libre de violencia y respetuosa de los Derechos Humanos. 2011-09-02T02:40:34Z Violencia Cero - Chicala Colombia,2010-09-10:2928733:Group:10782 2010-09-10T03:58:45.000Z Manuel Manrique /profile/ManuelManriqueCastro 9 members 9 members<br> Discussion group formed by the members of the Violencia Cero initiative at the Chicala school of Colsubsidio in Bogota,Colombia 2011-09-02T02:41:44Z Book Club (and other Knowledge Sharing tools),2010-07-19:2928733:Group:10495 2010-07-19T16:39:41.000Z Taryn Danford /profile/TarynDanford 17 members 17 members<br> This is a forum to post about interesting books, articles, movies, documentaries etc. relating to child and human rights 2012-04-26T16:27:22Z Latin American Synergy,2010-06-30:2928733:Group:10400 2010-06-30T15:46:50.000Z Taryn Danford /profile/TarynDanford 11 members 11 members<br> This is a working group online forum for exchanging ideas, documents and other resources to help strengthen and connect the projects that IICRD and associated partners are establishing and operating in Latin America. 2010-11-12T16:20:36Z CINDE Colombia - Derechos de la Niñez,2010-04-16:2928733:Group:10010 2010-04-16T17:32:27.000Z Manuel Manrique /profile/ManuelManriqueCastro 11 members 11 members<br> Diálogo e intercambio entre el equipo de CINDE y sus aliados. 2013-02-14T21:03:51Z IV World Congress on Child and Adolescent Rights,2010-03-07:2928733:Group:9471 2010-03-07T18:24:12.000Z Jaime E. Conde /profile/JaimeEConde 3 members 3 members<br> Interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences regarding the human rights of children and adolescents. It also comprises an encounter of adolescent delegates from different countries. November 15-18, 2010 2011-04-13T19:29:27Z Child Rights Research,2010-02-13:2928733:Group:9244 2010-02-13T01:54:08.000Z Nirekha De Silva /profile/NirekhaDeSilva 22 members 22 members<br> Share experiences, best practices, research methods and research outcomes on child rights research 2013-12-04T04:35:41Z CRED-PRO Planning,2009-11-05:2928733:Group:6935 2009-11-05T19:22:11.000Z Stuart N. Hart /profile/StuartNHart 9 members 9 members<br> CRED-PRO Management Team planning process 2009-12-15T17:55:42Z kidsLINK Rights-based Approach,2009-10-27:2928733:Group:6078 2009-10-27T02:28:00.000Z Sonia Pouyat /profile/SoniaPouyat 9 members 9 members<br> For those interested in contributing to kidsLINK's conversion to rights-based approach with its we can learn together, debate, and figure out how to make this happen smoothly. 2010-02-13T14:34:10Z